Pre-school Gymnastics

Get your little ones started on a path to gymnastics early at Indiana Gymnastics Center

Our pre-school classes are a great way to introduce your child to gymnastics, whether your goal is competitive gymnastics or just staying active and learning new skills. Studies have shown early development of motor skills give children an advantage in sports and academics.

Pricing Information

Our pre-school classes are $85 per month for 55 minutes each week and $75 per month for 45 minutes each week. We bill on a monthly basis due on the first of each month. On the second of each month a late fee of $10 will be added to unpaid tuitions. If you need to drop a class please do so before the first of the month so you will not be charged for that months tuition. See our registration page for more information.

Gymnast Progress

As preschoolers grow and progress through these classes they will have the skills needed for our recreational, trampoline and tumbling, and Ninja classes. We let classes out 5 minutes early for communication between coaches and parents. This is a good time to learn about your gymnasts progress and find out when they will be ready to move up to one of our other class offerings.

Pre-school Classes
Me and My
Level: Strong walkers - 3 years old

This class is set up for parent and child. Here little ones will learn to explore coordination while working on fine and gross motor skills. Concepts of balance, strength and muscle control will play a large role in class. Spatial and perceptual awareness, introduction to colors, language development and self expression will follow along in lesson plans that will help your little one gain independence, start early socialization and learn to follow directions.

year old
Level: 3 year old

This class is geared for the pre-school child. Classes are designed to teach students body movements and spatial awareness in a sequencing action. The class works to establish a foundation of skills on which to build, that require full body coordination. Students in this class will work on movement, technique, and terminology. Skills are taught primarily on floor with more introduction to equipment as skills become mastered. Parents with children participating in this class must remain in the gym.

year old
Level: 4-5 year old

Designed for the very beginner gymnast entering into kindergarten. This class is technique enforced and complete body movement driven. Students will work on fundamental skills that require connection and full body awareness. Terminology will also be a large part of learning. This class is a beginner class for younger, less attentive children. Basic Equipment and technique are also taught.

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Class times and dates may change based on coaches schedules and class participation.

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