Get forms and registration fee information for classes at Indiana Gymnastics Center

Have you selected what class or classes your gymnast is ready to join? This is where you will find information on class pricing, registration fees, military and family discounts, and information on using the Parent Portal. We strive to make registering for classes as easy as possible. You can download the forms here, complete them and bring them in or you can simply use our online Parent Portal and skip the paper process. Yearly registration fees include an Indiana Gymnastics Center tee shirt for gymnasts!

Indiana Gymnastics Center blue tee shirt


Recreational Pricing

  • $105 month / 90min per week
  • $85 month / 55min per week
  • $70 month / 45min per week

Registration Fees

  • $50 annually for 1 child
  • $75 annually for family
  • Includes an Indiana Gymnastics Center tee shirt

Open Gym

  • $10 for members
  • $12 for non-members


  • $10 off monthly for military
  • $10 off sibling discount
  • $10 off multi-class discount
  • Discounts can not be combined

Birthday Parties

  • Members price
    $250 - 1.5 hours for 15 kids
  • Non-members price
    $300 - 1.5 hours for 15 kids
  • Full fee must be paid one full week before party. Payments can not be taken day of party.
  • $50 deposit to reserve date
  • $50 - additional 30 minutes
  • $10 each additional kid

Registration process

The registration fee is a reoccurring annual fee of $50 for one child and $75 for the family. Price includes an Indiana Gymnastics Center tee shirt for gymnasts. It is billed each year you are enrolled in classes, on the anniversary date of when you first registered. Charges can be paid in person with a credit/debt card or cash; or they can be paid online through the Parent Portal for your convenience.

By enrolling in classes at IGC you are agreeing to all policies and terms and conditions. Please review all policies to ensure you understand them. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Class fees

All class fees are due on the first of each month. (Date may be adjusted for holidays.) A late fee of $10 is charged on the second day of the month. Class fees are typically billed up to two weeks before the due date to provide you time to pay the bill before the first so you can avoid late fees. Bills can be paid in person with cash or credit/debit cards, or online through the Parent Portal for your convenience.

Class sessions

We are a year round gym. You can sign-up for and/or drop a class at any time. If you sign-up for a class in the middle of a month, that month will be prorated so you don't have to pay for the full month. If you need to drop a class please read the drop class section so you can avoid paying for the month you intend to drop.

Dropping a class

Recreational classes must turn in a Drop Notice before the 20th day of the month they wish to stop attending. Last months tuitions are not prorated. If you do not turn in a Drop Notice before the 20th day of the month you are responsible for paying the months tuition in full.  If no Drop Notice is given, gymnasts have not come to class, and no payments have been made, gymnasts will automatically be dropped from class. You will then be responsibly for that months tuition and a $20 no Drop Notice fee.

Team gymnastics must give a 30 day notice as per team policies outlined in the Team Handbook.

Absent notifications

If your child will be absent from class please notify the front office by phone or email before the beginning of class. Coaches need to be informed so they can make appropriate changes to classes if need be. We also need to be informed of any classes you may miss so we can make sure you receive your make-up class. Please see the make-up class section for more details.

Class make-up

Life happens, we understand, so we provide recreational classes with one free make-up class per month. If you are going to miss a class please call or email and let us know, we can then get you scheduled for your make-up class. NO call/email to notify the gym of an absences means no make-up class. All make-up classes must be scheduled with the front office, if your child shows up for a class and is not on the attendance sheet they will be sent home. We like to keep our class sizes small so each gymnast gets the direction they need. For this reason we are unable to schedule make-ups during classes that are already full. The free make-up per month does not roll over. Make-ups are not available for team, due to the unique scheduling of team practices.

Trial classes

We offer 1 free trial class for new gymnasts. If you found a class that your gymnast is interested in but not sure if it is a good fit let us know. We can set you up with a free trial to come in and see if it is the perfect fit.

Return check fee

Any payments made by check that are returned to Indiana Gymnastics Center by the bank for insufficient funds will receive a $20 returned check fee. After the second occurrence you will no longer be able to pay with a check for up to 12 months. In these cases we will accept cash, credit card, cashiers checks or money orders.

Email notifications

To ensure you don't miss any important news or updates from IGC make sure you are receiving our email correspondences. We send emails about tuition fees, class schedules, special events, fundraisers, holiday closings, inclement weather closings, and much more. To stay informed and up to date on all Indiana Gymnastics Center news make sure to check your emails!